Are our expectations about sex based on Porn?

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Q8: Are your expectations about sex based on what you’ve seen in porn? In which way?

From your responses, it would seem that most people’s expectations are NOT based on what they’ve seen in porn. There is some agreement, however, that porn does contribute to unrealistic expectations around the attractiveness of one’s partner, their abilities in the sack, and the level of kinkiness they’re prepared to go to. Is it agreed then, that porn is really about the fantasy not the reality?

Unfortunately, porn made my expectations higher regarding women’s partners’ looks, though rationally I am not proud of my being picky…” – Female respondent

“No, no and no have you seen some of the ridiculous shit those people get up too!?!?” – Female respondent

“No, never has been, never will.” – Female respondent

“No not really, I think I have been with guys who have watched porn, more with the way they behaved [and] the positions they wanted to try. But for me I do enjoy some porn and I think its more about getting some tips on what I like and how to pleasure a partner.” – Female respondent

“That’s a tough question! I think my expectations are based on the best sexual experiences I’ve had. And those might have been informed by porn that I had seen. But I don’t think I try to recreate porn during sex.” – Male respondent

“The only thing I’ve learned from porn is the way women please each other.” – Female respondent

“Not at all! My penis is half the size of most porn stars! and most of those positions don’t look very enjoyable..they are poses for the camera, or very degrading for women too! Porn is nice to learn some new positions and try new things… never needed to watch with a partner in order to get aroused, but watched it for the excitement of it” – Male respondent

“No, I don’t really watch porn. Probably more about what I’ve seen in movies…” – Female respondent

Without making any sweeping generalizations, it would seem that male respondents were more likely to admit to the fact that they watch porn and that it has informed their expectations of sex IRL.

“Yes, I try a lot of stuff I see in porn, which is probably bad, but then again I usually find that I enjoy those things!” – Male respondent

“Yes. Position wise and for new ideas. But I’m equally disgusted by the role of men in pornography i.e. cumshots and domination are not my scene.” – Male respondent

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