Sex Survey Results: Worst Sex Stories


Some more responses to Q5: Describe your worst sexual experience?

“A one nighter that turned out to be 2 minutes of fun, for him and only him!” – Female respondent

“After breaking up with girlfriend I would still see her sometimes. Once I stayed over the night but told her I wasn’t prepared to sleep in her bed so she jerked me off and then expected me to finger her and we both felt incredibly shitty afterwards, like we had just used and been used.” – Male respondent

“Him jumping me like a drunken rabid dog and then complaining about “aah baby, why you not wet for me huh?” dumbass.” – Female respondent

There were also some less savoury responses… but I guess that is what you get with an anonymous sex survey hey…

“The woman did not shut up for a moment… talking about all sorts of things… and constant asking if this position was ok, or should she change etc.. I eventually kicked her out of the bed… I couldn’t take the incessant noise… that was a close 2nd to someone who clearly hadn’t showered or bathed and her vagina smelled awful… I offered to shower with her but she wouldn’t… and I wouldn’t go down on her, let alone any penetration.” – Male respondent

“Making out with an ugly fat girl when I was much younger in the same room as my best friend who was making out with the girl I was in love with” – Male respondent

“Unattractive girl at bar who begged me to take her home and fuck her which I then did, half enjoyed myself and then regretted with every part of my body the next morning when I had to drive her home and look at her face without being drunk.” – Male respondent

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